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Sets help text for voice browsers (VoiceXML only)
Applies within the parent element, which can be <deck>, <input>, <checkbox>, <radio> or <select>. .
audio_src (optional) - Full qualified audio source to play
If audio source can be retrieved by the voice browser, the audio output replaces the synthesized speech output of the help text.
url (optional) - Full qualified URL where some help is available.

<?xml version="1.0"?> <hawhaw> <deck> <text>Please say help to get help.</text> <a href="http://foo.com/start.xml">Start</a> <voice_help>You have to say start</voice_help> <voice_help audio_src="http://foo.com/saystart.wav">Say start!</voice_help> <voice_help url="http://foo.com/foridiots.xml">Forget it!</voice_help> </deck> </hawhaw>
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<deck> <input> <checkbox> <radio> <select>
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