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Provides a "select" element in a <form> element in order to choose one from various <option> elements. This element creates optimized WML for WAP devices which are capable to interprete the Openwave GUI extensions for WML 1.3. All other WAP devices receive WML 1.1 compatible markup code, which is quite similar to the markup code created by the <radio> element.
name Variable in which the information about the selected option is sent to the destination URL.
type Type of select area:
popup (default) | spin
Popup popups the whole selection list, while spin rotates through the options on a WAP device screen.

... <deck> <form action="http://wap.foo.com/color.xml"> <select name="clr"> <option label="Blue" value="b"/> <option label="Red" value="r" selected="yes"/> <option label="Yellow" value="y"/> </select> </form> </deck> ... ... <select name="clr" type="spin"> ...
See also
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