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Defines a set of links within a <deck> element. The links have to be defined as <a> elements within the <linkset> element. On many mobile devices linksets allow easier navigation through decks and therefore are improving the "usability" of a site. Instead of painfully navigating through the links "sports->football->results->today" the mobile user e.g. can press "2431" on his keypad to enter his favorite deck. One <deck> element can contain only one <linkset> element.
The <linkset> element has no attributes.

... <deck> <linkset> <a href="http://wap.foo.com/football.xml">Football</a> <a href="http://wap.foo.com/baseball.xml">Baseball</a> <a href="http://wap.foo.com/tarball.xml">Tarball</a> </linkset> </deck> ...
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