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Provides a text input area in a <form> element.
name Variable in which the input is sent to the destination URL.
value Initial value that will be presented in the input area (Default: "").
label Describes your input area on the user's screen/display.
format Input format code according to the WAP standard. Allows the WAP user client e.g. to input only digits and no characters (Default: M*). On a HTML generated page the format attribute has no significance.
size (optional) - Size of the input area in number of characters.
Note: Will be ignored in case of HDML output.
maxlength (optional) - Maximum of allowed characters in the input area, i.e. the maximum number of characters the user can enter.
Note: Will be ignored in case of HDML output.
type Input type:
text (default) | password
mode Input mode/istyle for japanese MML/iMode devices:
alphabet (default) | katakana | hiragana | numeric
br number of line breaks after input field (default: 1)
voice_type (optional) - Sets the type of the input element for VoiceXML.
Note: Support of builtin grammar types is platform specific. The W3C VoiceXML Version 2.0 recommendation defines these grammar types:
- boolean
- date
- digits (default)
- currency
- number
- phone
- time
voice_grammar_src (optional) - Defines the URL of an external grammar for an VoiceXML input element.
Attention: This attribute should be used by experienced VoiceXML developers only! Please refer to the W3C VoiceXML Recommendation for detailled info about grammar definitions
voice_grammar_type (optional) Defines the media type of an external grammar, specified by the voice_grammar_src attribute, e.g. "application/srgs+xml"

... <deck> <form action="http://wap.foo.com/addressbook.xml"> <input name="fn" label="First name"/> <input name="ln" label="Last name"/> <input name="age" label="Age" format="NN"/> <form> </deck> ... ... <input name="pw" label="Password" type="password" maxlength="8"/> ... <input name="sg" label="Song" mode="hiragana"/> ...
See also
<form> <voice_text> <voice_help> <voice_nomatch> <voice_noinput>
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