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Public Member Functions

 HAW_phone ($destination, $title="")
 add_image ($image)
 set_css_class ($css_class)
 set_br ($br)
 set_voice_text ($text, $audio_src="")
 set_voice_timeout ($timeout)
 set_voice_dtmf ($key)
 set_voice_input ($phrase)

Detailed Description

This class provides a phone number in a HAW_deck object. If supported by their mobile device, users can establish an outgoing call to the specified number.


$myPage = new HAW_deck(...);
$myPhone = new HAW_phone("123-45678", "CALL");

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Member Function Documentation

HAW_phone::HAW_phone ( destination,
title = "" 


destination Phone number for outgoing call.
title (optional)
If a string is provided here, the call button on a WAP/HDML/XHTML device will be entitled. In order to work well with a broad range of user agents, keep your title under 6 characters.

HAW_phone::add_image ( image  ) 

Adds an image that is to be displayed on the left side of the phone link.

image HAW_image object that contains the image/icon
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HAW_phone::set_css_class ( css_class  ) 

Sets a css class for this object in a (X)HTML page.

css_class CSS class to be defined in the deck's central CSS file

HAW_phone::set_br ( br  ) 

Sets the number of line breaks (CRLF) after phone link. (default: 1)

br Some number of line breaks.

HAW_phone::set_voice_text ( text,
audio_src = "" 

Sets text to be spoken by voice browsers.

text Some alternative text that replaces <phone_number>.
audio_src Some audio file (e.g. *.wav file) to play (optional).

HAW_phone::set_voice_timeout ( timeout  ) 

Sets the timeout for voice browsers (default: 10 sec).

See also:
timeout Timeout in seconds.

HAW_phone::set_voice_dtmf ( key  ) 

Sets a DTMF key as call trigger for voice browsers.

key "1", "2", ..., "9", "0", "*", "#"

HAW_phone::set_voice_input ( phrase  ) 

Sets a phrase the voice browser is reacting on.

phrase some text the user has to speak in order to trigger an outgoing call
Pass an empty string, if voice triggering should be disabled. In this case you should use set_voice_dtmf to correlate the call with a given DTMF event. Otherwise the outgoing call could not be triggered at all.

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