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 HAW_linkset ()
 add_link (&$link)
 set_voice_text ($text, $audio_src="")

Detailed Description

This class defines a set of links. It should be preferably used for all kinds of menus. The links have to be defined as separate HAW_link objects and are attached to the linkset with a special "add_link" function. For WAP devices browser-dependent WML code will be created. On all UP-browser-based WAP devices linksets allow easier navigation through WML decks by using the "onpick" WML option and therefore are improving the "usability" of an application. Instead of painfully navigating through the links "sports->football->results->today" the mobile user e.g. can press "2431" on the keypad to enter his favorite deck. For all other WAP devices normal <a> tags are created. One HAW_deck object can contain only one linkset object.


$myPage = new HAW_deck(...);
$myLinkset = new HAW_linkset();
$myLink1 = new HAW_link("Phonebook", "/wap/phonebook.php");
$myLink2 = new HAW_link("DateBook", "/wap/datebook.php");

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Member Function Documentation

HAW_linkset::HAW_linkset (  ) 


HAW_linkset::add_link ( &$  link  ) 

Adds a HAW_link object to HAW_linkset

link Some HAW_link object.
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HAW_linkset::set_voice_text ( text,
audio_src = "" 

Sets text to be spoken by voice browsers.

text Some alternative text that precedes the enumeration of link <label>s.
audio_src Some audio file (e.g. *.wav file) to play (optional).

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