HAWHAW JSP tag library
Tag text

Inserts some text inside of haw:deck, haw:form or haw:td sections.

Tag Information
Tag Classde.hawhaw.hawtags.tags.TextTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

boldfalsetrueString"yes" | "no" (default)
italicfalsetrueString"yes" | "no" (default)
underlinefalsetrueString"yes" | "no" (default)
bigfalsetrueString"yes" | "no" (default)
smallfalsetrueString"yes" | "no" (default)
boxedfalsetrueString"yes" | "no" (default)
text in a colored box for headings etc.
brfalsetrueintnumber of line breaks after text (default: 1)
css_classfalsetrueString(optional) - sets a css class for this element
colorfalsetrueString(optional) - sets the text color in a (X)HTML page, e.g. "#CCFFFF", "red", etc.
boxcolorfalsetrueString(optional) - sets the box color in case that attribute "boxed" is set to "yes".

No Variables Defined.

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