HAWHAW JSP tag library
Tag phone

Provides a phone number in a haw:deck section. If supported by their mobile device, users can establish a voice connection to the specified number.

Tag Information
Tag Classde.hawhaw.hawtags.tags.PhoneTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

titlefalsetrueString(optional) - If a string is provided here, the call button on a WAP/HDML device will be entitled. In order to work well with a broad range of devices, keep the title as short as possible.
css_classfalsetrueString(optional) - sets a css class for this phone tag
brfalsetrueintnumber of line breaks after phone link (default: 1)
voice_inputfalsetrueString(optional) - Sets a phrase the voice browser is reacting on.
Pass an empty string, if voice triggering should be disabled. In this case you should use voice_dtmf to correlate the call with a given DTMF event. Otherwise the outgoing call could not be triggered at all.
voice_dtmffalsetrueString(optional) - sets a DTMF key as call trigger for voice browsers, e.g. "1", "2", ... ,"0", "*", "#"
voice_timeoutfalsetrueString(optional) - sets the timeout [in seconds] for voice browsers (default: "10").
(see haw:a tag)

No Variables Defined.

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