HAWHAW JSP tag library
Tag input

Provides a text input area in a haw:form section.

Tag Information
Tag Classde.hawhaw.hawtags.tags.InputTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

nametruetrueStringVariable in which the input is sent to the destination URL.
valuefalsetrueStringInitial value that will be presented in the input area (Default: "").
labelfalsetrueStringDescribes your input area on the user's screen/display.
formatfalsetrueStringInput format code according to the WAP standard. Allows the WAP user client e.g. to input only digits and no characters (Default: M*). In other markup languages the format attribute has no significance.
sizefalsetrueint(optional) - Size of the input area in number of characters.
Note: Will be ignored in case of HDML output.
maxlengthfalsetrueint(optional) - Maximum of allowed characters in the input area, i.e. the maximum number of characters the user can enter.
Note: Will be ignored in case of HDML output.
typefalsetrueStringInput type:
text (default) | password
modefalsetrueStringInput mode/istyle for japanese MML/iMode devices:
alphabet (default) | katakana | hiragana | numeric
brfalsetrueintnumber of line breaks after input field (default: 1)
voice_typefalsetrueString(optional) - Sets the type of the input element for VoiceXML.
Note: Support of builtin grammar types is platform specific. The W3C VoiceXML Version 2.0 recommendation defines these grammar types:
- boolean
- date
- digits (default)
- currency
- number
- phone
- time
voice_grammar_srcfalsetrueString(optional) - Defines the URL of an external grammar for an VoiceXML input element.
Attention: This attribute should be used by experienced VoiceXML developers only! Please refer to the W3C VoiceXML Recommendation for detailled info about grammar definitions.
voice_grammar_typefalsetrueString(optional) Defines the media type of an external grammar, specified by the voice_grammar_src attribute, e.g. "application/srgs+xml"

No Variables Defined.

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